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Salted Caramel Coconut Granola


A burst of Asian delight. Inspired by ingredients in grandma’s larder, our recipe of gluten-free rolled oats, almonds, creamy cashews, golden flax seeds and sweet coconut baked to perfection with homemade salted caramel (gula melaka) sauce. Topped with chewy mulberries and tarty cranberries to make this a perfect breakfast, snack and comfort food at any time of the day.

Try it with milk, soy, almond milk or greek yoghurt to enjoy the caramel flavouring from the granola


Traditional rolled oats, flax seeds, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, coconut, mulberries, cranberries, gula melaka (palm sugar), pandan, Himalayan rock salt, bienetta, organic cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil

Nutrition                             per 50g

Energy                                 205kcal
Protein                                  5g
Carbohydrates                     30g
     - sugars                           7g
Fat                                        8g
     - saturated fat                  3g
     - trans fat                         0g
Fibre                                     4g
Sodium                                 128mg