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Puffed Spelt - Rude Health

Puffed Spelt

125 g

Most puffed cereals are made by grinding grains down to flour, adding water and sugar then squidging them into unnatural-looking shapes. Not at Rude Health. Each puff is a single grain that has been toasted and popped like popcorn. It’s not the easiest way, but it is the best one.

Spelt is an ancient wheat grain, cultivated since the Bronze Age and grown in Britain since Roman times - that’s aeons (yes, actually aeons) before the chemicals and standardisation of today’s common wheat industry. Long live spelt.

Wholegrain Spelt (100%)

Contains Gluten. Free from Wheat. Made in a facility which handles nuts.

No Added Salt
No Added Sugar
High Fibre
No Artificial Anythings